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How Can I Raise Money?

I am going to share with you a fantastic new way you can raise money without giving up collateral or paying high interest rates on loan payments.

Do you have a great business idea that needs funding to get off the ground? Have you been asking yourself “how can i raise money?”  In this economy it can be very challenging to get a loan from a bank or private investors.  Angel investors can sometimes be an option for a great business idea but typically Angel investors will want to take over 50% ownership so they can have control.

How Can I raise money without giving up assets or paying high interest payments? 

Now there is a way for you to raise money for your project without dealing with investors or banks.

Kickstarter is the largest platform for funding in the world  and is absolutely  not about lending or investing.  Instead users retain 100% ownership of their work and simply offer products, services or experiences to anyone who pledges money to their project.

For example, if you are attempting to raise $20,000 to self publish your own book you can offer a signed copy of the book to anyone who pledges $50.  Every project is different and you can set your own funding goals and compensations for pledges.

For more information on KickStarter simply click here.   Good luck raising the money you need!


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